3 primary resources of Merge Dragons game


You are one who is looking for, which is full of entertainment and several supplies. So you can take a trial of Merge Dragons. It is the game which is developed by Gram Games Limited for iOS and Android platforms. As a player, you always try to play the game which entertains you all the time and makes some strategies. Here the players need to construct the building for protecting the dragons. For this, they need some coins to buy types of equipment, but if they may not have enough coins to play the game effectively, then they can take the help Merge Dragons Cheats.

Types of resources

Several kinds of currencies are required in playing the game that players need to attain. Once they make the collection of these resources, then they can play the game effectively.


The trees are used to make the game for the long run and decorate the land. Here the growing of trees is divided into several levels that make the game enjoyable. There are 4 types of trees:

·         Fruit trees

·         Dragon trees

·         Grimm tress

·         Midas trees


The flowers are the bread and butter of the game, which is used for attaining more coins. There are 2 types of flowers:

·         Life flowers

·         Prism flowers


The mushrooms are the central aspect of the game. It is used for providing food to dragons. These are of 2 types:

·         Simple mushrooms

·         Magic mushrooms

Thus, these are some primary resources that players need to buy.