Which filters are popular in FaceApp- AI Face editor?

Most of us like many things and some of them are spending free time on the internet. FaceApp- AI Face editor fans are regularly increasing, and it reaches on millions. The app is most viral nowadays and in which you can give the desired look of your photos. One handy cam is also available in it, and we can use it for taking a picture and change them on various effects. If you want more enjoyment in the app, then you need to go with FaceApp pro version.

It is handy for all the players, and we can easily download it by the android store or official website of the app. many users may be confused with various filters so here we are short listing some standard filters that enhance the popularity of your pictures.

Old age effect

Old age is the flagship filter of it, and it is more famous than another one. The internet is full of various old age effect photos. Many prominent celebrities are also using it and in which you can change your age. The filter is showing around 80 years look of your face. The users can also make their face young, and for that, you can select young, young1.

Changing gender

It is for more fun, and gender filters are used for changing the gender.  The user will make transform boy to girl and vice verse. We can also add some wonderful effects, and you can also swap any filter with another one.

Add new styles

For making the photo enjoyable, we can also add goggles, hairs, mustache, caps, and many more things. Change the background styles, but some things are not free, and you need to select the FaceApp pro and unlock more items.